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Signet Books
February 2002, ISBN: 0451203623

Genre: Medieval

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About the Book

Every eye in the great hall was on Lady Apryll. In a clinging white gown, she floated through the revelers like a wanton angel, inflaming the interest of Lord Devlynn. Brazenly he took her in his arms and promised her ecstasy. Before the night was over, she vanished--along with the castle jewels, the lord's finest horses, and his young son. All that remained of the kidnapping temptress was her gown pooled upon his chamber floor, mysteriously stained with blood. . .

But Devlynn's plan to punish her goes awry when he discovers Apryll's true motives and her own betrayal by those she trusted. For his greatest weakness is his undeniable attraction to the seductive woman whose kisses can still carry the sting of treason.


“The unusual plot with its many twists will intrigue readers and keep them glued to the pages of this fast-paced, sensual tale. Lisa Jackson not only captures the atmosphere of the 13th century but delves into her characters' motivations, thus creating realistic people and a believable conflict. Medieval readers rejoice – this one's a gem.”
– RT Bookclub

“WILD AND WICKED is an exciting medieval romance filled with drama and several delightful twists and turns. Lisa Jackson writes a jewel of a novel that makes the thirteenth century seem darkly real.”

“Lisa Jackson creates medieval magic with the sensual telling of WILD AND WICKED. It’s a wickedly wonderful tale of vengeance and love that will leave you breathless and clamoring for more of the same.”