From Lisa Jackon comes ENCHANTRESS, a sweeping romantic saga of the ancient Welsh Border Lands…a beauty with a mysterious power…and the warrior who sought her talents and her love.

With her raven hair tossed by the gale that shrieked over Wales from the north, Morgana shivered violently as she was the vision that had come to her. Now she was certain a dark rider would bring death to her ancestral home at Tower Wenlock unless she could convince her father that her dreams were real…unless she found a way to change the destiny coming to ravage all she know…

Garrick Maginnis, Baron of Abergwynn, strode, fierce with rage, into the clearing where the green-eyed maid sat praying. Someone had stolen his son, cruelly snatching the boy away as death had snatched Garrick’s wife at the boy’s birth. Garrick’s last hope was Morgana, rumored to be a sorceress, who know faced him dagger in hand…with a defiant beauty that took his breath away.

With her family forfeit if she failed to find Garrick’s child, Morgana wanted to hate this fearsome lord, not meet his bold desire with a passion so intense it held her spellbound and caught them both in a bond of love neither the treachery of a traitor not the steel of war-swords could break…

Publish Date

January 1993


Pocket Books