Getting Even

(originally published as Yesterday’s Lies and Zachary’s Law)

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson—a new romantic suspense omnibus featuring two beloved, reader-favorite novels, linked by a common theme of settling the score, repackaged with a new title and cover. With a light thread of suspense, these stories will appeal to fans of Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, and Iris Johansen.

Dear Reader,

Who doesn’t fantasize about a little payback? Revenge is a timeless, all-too-human desire—and a favorite theme of mine. It’s been a common thread from my earliest books, including these two classic titles, Yesterday’s Lies and Zachary’s Law, collected here with a fantastic new cover and a new title, Getting Even . . .

“Trask McFadden is back.” Those are words that Tory has been waiting to hear, half in dread, half with longing. It’s been five years since Trask landed her father behind bars for horse swindling, using things she’d told him in confidence. Her father died there, but now Trask insists he has information that could help prove who was really responsible for the crime, not to mention his own brother’s death. Trask needs her help. But he won’t get it, not after destroying her family, her ranch, and the love they shared.

Lauren Regis’s ex-husband has kidnapped her children. There’s nothing she won’t do to get them back, including hiring Zachary Winters. The unconventional attorney has made a name for himself by locating people—especially those who don’t want to be found. But he’s got a darker reputation too, and there are rumors swirling about the fate of his ex-wife. How much is Lauren willing to trust him—or to lose?

I hope you enjoy revisiting these novels with me, and seeing how sweet and satisfying payback can be!

Lisa Jackson

Publish Date

February 2023