Illicit: Midnight SunIn Honor’s Shadow

Two classic stories from the New York Times bestselling queen of romantic suspense


Separated at the age of twenty-one, Ashley Stephens and Trevor Daniels, rival heirs to Oregon’s leading lumber mills, have spent eight long years struggling to ignore the intense passion between them. But stressed family histories can’t keep them apart forever. On the eve of Trevor’s senatorial race, with head executives at Stephens Timber Corporation pledging to do him in, the modern day Romeo and Juliet fall into each other’s arms, unwilling to deny their forbidden desires any longer, even if history is poised to repeat itself….


Long ago, a young Brenna Douglass declared her undying love to her sister Honor’s boyfriend, Warren Stone, resulting in a passionate kiss—and a panicked rejection that devastated Brenna. Ten years later, after Honor’s death, Brenna finds herself on the doorstep of her widowed brother-in-law, and soon, to her surprise, locked in his intimate embrace. The deep love she felt for him hasn’t diminished over the years, but can Warren ever genuinely love her in return? Or is she merely filling the hole her sister’s death has left in his heart?

Publish Date

December 2014


HQN Books