The Shadow Of Time

After four long years, Mara Wilcox has finally come to accept that her lover, Shane Kennedy, was tragically killed in Northern Ireland. But now, inexplicably, he is back–as handsome, arrogant and sensual as ever–and he is mad as hell with her.

Furious and disappointed that she hadn’t cared enough to wait for him while he was recovering in a hospital far away, Shane vows his revenge. But is his blood boiling from anger, or something deeper, something more vital? Is it rage that compels him to confront her or is it pulse-pounding desire?

Is he ready to face the future or still lingering in THE SHADOW OF TIME . . . .

Publish Date

June 2004





Mara, I want you,” Shane murmured into her hair.

“I know,” was the only response that would pass her lips. His hands on her shoulders were enticing, inviting.

“You’re beautiful,” Shane coaxed, and his fingers tickled her neck. “I know this is crazy–I don’t know how to describe it–but I need you, Mara. Not because you’re a woman, but because you’re unique . . . special . . . captivating. You’re you and I want the most intimate part of you.”

“You don’t even know me,” she whispered in a feeble protest, knowing she was succumbing to the magic of the seductive night.