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About COLD BLOODED (reissue)

January 2015, ISBN: 1420138480

Genre: Thriller/Suspense
(Part of the New Orleans series - Book 2)

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About the Book


A woman's slashed, incinerated corpse is found in a seedy New Orleans apartment. Her killer is certain there were no witnesses, unaware that his every move was seen by a beautiful stranger-from her bed in a bayou cottage on the outskirts of town...


Weeks later, another violent vision shatters Olivia Bechet's sleep. Convinced a serial killer is stalking the city, Olivia turns to the authorities. But jaded detective Rick Bentz doesn't believe her-even when a second body turns up, slain in exactly the same bizarre, ritualistic manner Olivia described...


As New Orleans panics in the icy grip of a merciless killer, Olivia is frustrated by Bentz's skepticism-and captivated by her attraction to him. But soon her dreams are invaded by images of another murder. One that has yet to be committed. This time, Olivia recognizes not only the victim's face-but the murderer's. And both are closer than she ever imagined...

Praise for COLD BLOODED (reissue)

“Turn on the lights before you turn the first page of this electrifying thriller. Set a bare six months after the shocking events of HOT BLOODED, COLD BLOODED grabs you by the throat from page one and does not let you off the edge of your seat for a moment after that.”
– Romance At Its Best

“Taking up where last year’s phenomenal HOT BLOODED left off, COLD BLOODED is a tight, romantic, edge-of-your-seat thriller.”
– Romantic Times

“COLD BLOODED is an exciting serial killer thriller . . . an entertaining tale.”
– BookBrowser

“Author Lisa Jackson demonstrates extraordinary flair for creating nail-biting romance in COLD BLOODED. Picking up where HOT BLOODED leaves off and including several favorite characters and the New Orleans setting, COLD BLOODED explores a methodical and cunning serial killer's plan for redeeming lost souls. There are no easy answers for Jackson's characters where anyone is suspect, and vows of silence protect the guilty. Crisp dialogue, a multilayered plot, and a carefully measured pace build suspense in this chilling read that earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence.”

“In this hard to put down sequel to HOT BLOODED, Lisa Jackson has written another chilling psychological thriller that will keep you up until the wee hours turning the pages as fast as you can. COLD BLOODED has compelling, intelligent and believable characters, and a remarkable storyline.”
– Reader to Reader