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May 2013, ISBN: 1420133713

Genre: Thriller/Suspense
(Part of the Savannah series - Book 1)

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About the Book

Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeaux wakes one Savannah morning with a pounding headache--and covered in blood, the news of her estranged husband's brutal murder a cruel taunt in her ears. Now the police want answers, and Caitlyn finds she has none...

The only person Caitlyn can turn to is her reclusive twin sister Kelly. Only Kelly knows all about the troubles that run through the Montgomery family...about the recurring blackouts...the old plantation home with its dark secrets and tangled lies...and the sins that haunt Caitlyn in horrifying, fragmented memories. But now, when Caitlyn needs her sister most, she finds that Kelly is warning her not to say a word...especially to the town's handsome new psychologist, Adam Hunt...

Determined to free the darkest corners of her mind, Caitlyn begins to confide in Adam--a man who seems to hold the key to her past and future. As they work together, the desperation she feels at each new blackout gives way to an icy terror as the truth begins to surface, bit by fractured bit...revealing a shocking discovery deadlier than anyone could ever imagine...