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Signet Books
April 2003, ISBN: 0451208293

Genre: Medieval
(Part of the Medieval series - Book 1)

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About the Book

Owing her sister a favor, Kiera of Lawenydd promised to pose as Elyn on her wedding day. The ruse was to last just one night, but the following morning Elyn was nowhere to be found! Surely Kiera wouldn't have to spend the rest of her life wedded to a man to whom she could never admit the depths of her deception-even as her desire for him grew impossible to resist.


“A powerful story with a medieval flair . . . Lisa Jackson, who is well known for her intriguing mysteries, is also a talented romantic storyteller, and IMPOSTRESS is evidence of that special talent. This heartwrenching tale of medieval love, lust and mystery will keep readers wondering the outcome until the very last page.”
– The Best Reviews

“Ms. Jackson has produced an entertaining story, complete with her signature intrigue and romance, as well as a stellar hero and heroine and an engaging cast of secondary characters. Fast-paced [and] intriguing . . . IMPOSTRESS is my first historical read from Lisa Jackson, but it definitely won't be my last.”
– The Word on Romance

“Entertaining . . . Fans will relish this engaging medieval romance.”

“Lisa Jackson spins an enjoyable, if familiar, tale of a marriage deception hatched between two headstrong sisters. Strong writing and enjoyable characters, particularly the women in the story, elevate this medieval tale. Ms. Jackson leaves various loose character and plot strings dangling in IMPOSTRESS, ones she plans to continue in further books, that should make for equally engaging reading.”
– Bookloons