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Zebra (reissue)
, ISBN: 0-8217-6345-8

Genre: Contemporary Suspense

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About the Book


Adria Nash has come to Oregon to reclaim her life-and prove that she is really London Danvers, the child kidnapped twent years before from the wealthiest hotel dynasty in the Pacific Northwest. But the powerful Danvers clan refuses to accept her. They call her a fortune hunter. An imposter. Then Adria meets the notorious and irresistibly seductive Zachary Danvers...


Fighting her attraction to the man who could be her half-brother, Adria is drawn into Zach's opulent and treacherous world. As their passion explodes, she learns a shocking secret that threatens her legacy-and her life. To keep what is hers, Adria will have to reveal her own most intimate secrets-even if it means losing Zach and the love she prizes above all else...

Praise for TREASURES

“Suspenseful, sensuous . . . another outstanding story from best-selling author Lisa Jackson.”
— Rendezvous

“Category author Lisa Jackson easily makes the leap into mainstream fiction with an engrossing story that delves deeply into a family riddled with secrets.”
— Romantic Times

“TREASURES is a fast-paced, fun to read contemporary work of women’s fiction.”
— Affaire de Coeur

“Ms. Jackson weaves a complex plot . . . well-thought-out from beginning to end. This one really is a treasure!”
— The Literary Times

“Riveting. TREASURES is not only a great romance, but it is a great mystery as well. Action-packed and daring . . . this is the stuff mini-series are made of.”
— The Paperback Trader