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About STRANGERS (reissue)

October 2011, ISBN: 0373770847

Genre: Contemporary Suspense

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About the Book

Reissue, Two-In-One from HQN

STRANGERS, two harrowing tales of love on the run:

Chelsea Reed is hot on the trail of Devlin McVey, the man who jilted her. Her search for the truth leads her to the balmy Caribbean--and a brusque, bearded stranger.

Mitch Russell looks nothing like clean-cut Devlin, but he arouses the same frustrating brew of anger and fascination that Devlin always had. There is only one way to find out if Mitch is really her long-lost flame . . . but if she goes through with her seductive plan, will Chelsea be able to live with herself in the morning?

Zane Flannery had always been overprotective of his famous wife, Kaylie. He was, after all, her former bodyguard.

Years before, in the aftermath of an averted tragedy, his protective instinct proved to be too potent, too controlling for independent Kaylie. She began to feel more like a prisoner than a wife, so she saw no other option than to leave her husband.

Now, years later, even with a new deadly threat of danger, Kaylie isn't convinced she should let Zane back into her life. But try as she might, she can't erase the memory of moments in his arms that have nothing to do with protection.