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August 2000, ISBN: 0-451-40779-2

Genre: Medieval

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About the Book


Accused of a horrific crime, Sheena was forced to flee her home at Castle Ogof, her heart and her mind tormented by what she had seen. With no one to turn to for help, she went aboard the Dark Sapphire as a stowaway, seeking deliverance from the hell that pursued her . . .


Captain Keegan had no need for the love of a woman, not since watching his father lose everything — including his very life — over love’s folly. Wary of his father’s mistakes, Keegan vowed never to allow his heart’s passion to outweigh his mind’s cold calculations . . .


Discovered by the ship’s crew and brought before Captain Keegan, Sheena knew she was done for. No rogue could resist the massive bounty on her head. But she had met this dark captain before — in another time and place — and now she sees the shadowy sapphire that ties them together reflecting in his deep blue eyes. Suddenly a hot desire is reborn and they must run for their lives.


“DARK SAPPHIRE fits very well into the [Dark] Jewels Trilogy as another entertaining medieval romance . . . Lisa Jackson paces the story well and fills the pages with intrigue and passion.”
— Romantic Times

“Impressive . . . Lisa Jackson shines once again in her new romantic adventure.”
— Reader to Reader Reviews

“DARK SAPPHIRE will be a gem on your keeper shelf. Miss Jackson creates a picturesque story of wit, intrigue and sensuality. [She] is a voice to be reckoned with in historical romance.”
— Kathy Baker, Manager, Waldenbooks, Hurst, TX

“A great fast-paced adventure with elements for all: intrigue, thrills, betrayal and lots of excitement all through the novel.”
— Sharon Harbaugh, Munchkin Books, Swanton, OH

“I couldn’t stop reading until I finished. DARK SAPPHIRE is an all-nighter.”
— Elizabeth Steckiel, Beth Anne’s Book Corner, Colorado Springs, CO