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Zebra Books
(mass market paperback)
March 2007, ISBN: 0821775782

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

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About the Book

SHIVER is Lisa Jackson's first original hard back novel, and it's now available paperback! The story centers around Detective Reuben Montoya of the New Orleans Police Department who first appeared in HOT BLOODED and then in subsequent novels, COLD BLOODED and THE NIGHT BEFORE. Lisa's fans have been clamoring for his story and finally, with Abby Chastain, Lisa found a heroine who could go toe to toe with Montoya.

Abby Chastain, is the beautiful and haunted daughter of Faith Chastain. Faith spent most of her adult life in Our Lady Of Virtues mental hospital and now, twenty years later, the daughter who looks so much like her, has her own demons to deal with. Some of those demons are connected directly to Our Lady Of Virtues and a darkly dangerous killer who has reappeared, ready to wreak his own special and deadly vengeance on Abby and those she loves. Abby already fears she may have inherited her mother's penchant for tragedy and though she begins to fall for Montoya, she knows that a cop is someone she needs to avoid.

But fate and the killer have other plans . . . .